Motion Detector PIR


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    Art. ST800PIR-WL

    > Extension of the alarm center to monitor rooms

    > Fast, wireless installation

    > Can be mounted without drilling and wiring, thanks to battery operation

    > Detects people by infrared, horizontal detection range 105°

    > Maximum range 15 m

    > Optical feedback during start-up and function via LED

    > Automatic supervision

    > Multiple, daily function tests and feedback to the control center

    > Feedback to the panel when the battery is low

    > Battery life up to 1-2 years

    > Tamper protection through cover contact

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    Art. ST800PIR-WL

    The wireless motion detector enables rooms to be monitored and, thanks to battery operation, can be conveniently installed without drilling or wiring. The wireless motion detector is an infrared detector with a range of 15 m and an angular range of more than 90 ° thanks to its 31-ray lens. It communicates with the control panel via a two-way digital radio transmission channel to avoid signal collision or tape saturation and ensure high stability and precision. The 128-bit AES encryption key guarantees high security. It is equipped with tamper protection against opening. It is also monitored (automatic life test). The standard lithium-ion battery allows for a very long service life.

    Reference ST800PIR-WL
    Data sheet
    Working temperature
    -10°C - +55°C
    Product Type
    Wireless motion detector
    Max. Range in open air
    Sabotage protection
    Supply voltage
    Mount art
    Indoor area
    Product group
    alarm panel
    Batterie Typ
    housing material
    safety level
    2 Grad